Robert Plant’s Backstage Rituals Explored

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During their wild tours, Led Zeppelin had a unique way of getting ready for their shows. Instead of the usual routine, they had a person who provided them with cocaine. This person had a special ritual: first, she used her finger to give them coke, then they sniffed cherry snuff, and finally, she touched their noses with Dom Perignon 1966. It was part of the band’s reputation for wild parties and bad behavior both on and off stage, which became legendary. Lead singer Robert Plant confirmed this in an interview with music writer Lisa Robinson in 1973, mentioning how they always went all out in everything they did.

After Led Zeppelin split in 1980, Plant started his solo career. As he got older, he changed his pre-show rituals to prepare for performances. Nowadays, you might find him sipping herbal tea and carefully ironing his clothes before going on stage. It might not be the typical rock ‘n’ roll routine, but Plant believes these simple rituals help him give unforgettable performances for his fans.

Unlike some other rock stars who make big requests before shows, Plant kept it simple. He didn’t ask for extravagant things like Paul McCartney, who wants specific plants backstage. “I’ve never really been one for diva demands,” Plant said in an interview. “We were always too busy having a good time to get hung up about anything… I don’t go in for all that nonsense.”

Instead, Plant only asks for an ironing board and iron backstage. “I find ironing helps get me in the mood before I perform,” he explained. In the past, he used to wear tight bell-bottom jeans and not much else, so ironing wasn’t a big deal. But now, with his new stage look, including patterned shirts and less tight pants, good ironing is necessary to look sharp.

Since Led Zeppelin disbanded, Robert Plant has explored different musical styles, moving away from the heavy sound of his former band. He’s tried everything from bluegrass to art rock, collaborating with artists like Alison Krauss. He also made significant changes in his personal life, quitting drugs and cigarettes. Reflecting on his past struggles with cocaine, Plant admitted its negative impact on his well-being but credited his fortune for breaking free from its grip.

In a special reunion concert in 2007, Led Zeppelin members came together, marking a poignant occasion. The band’s requests were modest, preferring simple comforts like cups of tea backstage. This shift reflected their maturity and a more relaxed approach compared to their earlier days of excess. Amidst it all, one can picture Robert Plant, ensuring his shirt remained perfectly pressed, a testament to his new era of preparation and performance.

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