Robert Smith names The Cure’s song that “Sounds most like The Cure” of them all

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With a span of 45 years and 13 albums, The Cure has embarked on a diverse and enriching artistic journey.

Their pioneering role within the post-punk movement, particularly their infusion of gothic elements into their music, remains undeniable.

Robert Smith, the frontman of the band, acknowledges that this distinct style is the hallmark that sets The Cure apart. He points to a specific track that epitomizes this unique sound.

In a conversation with Uncut magazine, Robert Smith discussed their ‘Seventeen Seconds’ phase from 1980, highlighting their embrace of folk influences such as Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, all while staying loyal to their gothic essence.

It was during this era that Michael Dempsey, the former bassist, amicably departed due to creative differences.

“Seventeen Seconds” boasts standout tracks like “Play for Today” and “A Forest,” with the latter marking their inaugural entry into the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart.

The iconic nature of “A Forest” is underscored by its unforgettable guitar riff and bass line. Having been performed an astounding 1180 times, it holds the record as The Cure’s most frequently revisited song.

Robert Smith holds this track in high esteem and accentuates its significance in a discussion with the Chicago Tribune, deeming it the epitome of “The Cure sound.”

He reflects: “It was a pivotal moment; a time when many, including myself, began to recognize the potential within our band.”

Co-producer of the song, Mike Hedges, recollects its pivotal role in shaping the band’s trajectory. He remarks, “Our goal was intricacy. It emerged as the most refined piece on the album. To me, it always had the makings of a single. We all agreed on its brilliance—the allure of the guitar line was undeniable. Nonetheless, we sensed it required a touch more refinement compared to the others.”

On a different note, The Cure is slated to headline the 2023 Corona Capital festival in Mexico. As the climactic act on the event’s final day, Robert Smith has pledged a performance lasting a minimum of 150 minutes. Further details can be found here.

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