The Cure’s song that was inspired by Robert Smith’s favourite book

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Robert Smith, the iconic figure in post-punk and goth rock, finds inspiration for new songs from various sources, including children’s stories.

One such example is his song ‘Charlotte Sometimes’, which pays tribute to the book of the same name written by Penelope Farmer, one of Smith’s favorite authors.

‘Charlotte Sometimes’ is a children’s novel published in 1969, and it is the third installment in a series of books featuring the sisters “Makepeace,” “Charlotte,” and “Emma.”

The story revolves around a boarding school girl named Charlotte, who wakes up one morning to find herself mysteriously transported back over 40 years in time and inhabiting the body of a girl named Clare.

Charlotte and Clare switch places every night, alternating between 1918 and the present day. Despite never meeting, they communicate through diary notes.

The narrative is told from Charlotte’s perspective as she struggles to maintain her identity in Clare’s time.

Robert Smith has openly shared a list of his favorite books, and ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ holds a special place alongside influential works like Albert Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (which inspired ‘Killing An Arab’) and the writings of Franz Kafka.

charlotte sometimes

Robert Smith expressed his fascination with the novel, citing its themes of temporal shifts, duality, and personal struggles.

In more recent news, The Cure is set to headline the Corona Capital 2023 festival, which features a distinctly English lineup, including Pulp, Blur, and Pet Shop Boys.

Despite being held in a country with an economy that may not be considered the first world, the Corona Capital festival has gained a reputation for being one of the world’s most expensive music festivals, even surpassing the renowned Coachella, according to some national sources.

In conclusion, Robert Smith’s creative spark for ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ demonstrates how literature, particularly children’s stories, can influence and inspire musicians to craft unique and meaningful songs.

Meanwhile, The Cure’s appearance at the Corona Capital Festival adds excitement to the music scene, drawing attention to the event’s growing prominence and its impressive lineup of English bands.

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