Roger Waters Fired His Son from His Band, And He’s Playing in a Pink Floyd Tribute Band

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In late 2016, Harry Waters experienced a significant professional setback when his father, Roger Waters, decided to let him go from his touring band. This decision came as a surprise to Harry, who had been a part of the band for 14 years, playing keyboards. The announcement was made just before Christmas, adding to the emotional impact.

Roger Waters was making major changes to his live band lineup, retaining only Jon Carin and Dave Kilminster. Even family ties didn’t exempt Harry from this overhaul. According to Harry, his father sought a fresh perspective, though the specific reasons behind his dismissal remain unclear to him. The fact that he was Roger’s son made this decision even more painful, as others who were fired didn’t share this familial connection.

Despite this setback, Harry Waters continued to engage with his father’s music. He completed a tour with Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, covering Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album, and performed in three shows with the Pink Floyd tribute band Brit Floyd.

He collaborated with former Pink Floyd members Durga McBroom and Scott Page during these shows. Harry’s experience with Pink Floyd’s music, stemming from his involvement in tribute acts for bands like Led Zeppelin and Grateful Dead, made him confident in performing without extensive rehearsals.

Harry’s connection to Pink Floyd’s music dates back to his childhood. He even contributed a line to “Goodbye Blue Sky” from “The Wall” album when he was just two years old. Regarding the controversy surrounding his father’s political views, particularly accusations of antisemitism, Harry defends Roger. He explains that Roger’s use of symbols like the Star of David in performances is satirical, aimed at critiquing global evils, and not a reflection of antisemitic beliefs.

Currently, Harry Waters is performing with Brit Floyd, with scheduled shows in North America. He expressed interest in participating in more dates beyond his initial gigs with the band.

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