Roger Waters Sets The Record Straight After Antisemitism Accusations

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In a recent Instagram post, Roger Waters responded to the charges of antisemitism leveled against him by making it plain that he will fight against the recent cancellations of his gigs in Germany.

The legendary member of Pink Floyd has recently come under fire since it seems that his propensity to publicly express all of his political opinions frequently gets him into hot water. However, given that the rock star often sticks by his statements and defends his position, it could be fair to assume that Roger is not bothered by all the criticism he receives.

Due to suspected “antisemitism,” the cities of Frankfurt and Münich decided to cancel his participation at regional festivals. Waters made the decision to address the allegations and criticized the city council for impinging on his right to free expression. The musician said that his attorneys were attempting to get the municipality’s decision overturned because he wanted to perform at his postponed concerts.

Then he emphasized that he was not and had never been anti-Semitic and that his criticism of Israel was directed at its government rather than its citizens. Antisemitism and all types of racism are also denounced by Roger. Therefore, it appeared that he would not let go of the cancellations of his shows brought on by his political remarks and ‘false’ allegations.

The bassist’s comments on the cancellation of his performance and the claims that he is antisemitic:

“Hey, Frankfurters, leave free speech alone. My lawyers are taking steps to ensure that my concerts in Munich and Frankfurt in May 2023 take place as contracted. Human rights and freedom of speech for all peoples under German law must prevail, which is why I’m taking this stance to ensure the will of the few will not prevent me from performing in Frankfurt and Munich.

I am taking the unprecedented step of appealing to the law to protect me from the unconstitutional actions of two authorities which seem to rely upon the fundamentally false accusation that has been made against me, namely that I am antisemitic.

I want to state for the record and once and for all that I am not and never have been antisemitic, and nothing that anyone can say or publish will alter that. My well-publicized views relate entirely to the policies and actions of the Israeli government and not with the people of Israel. Antisemitism is odious and racist, and I condemn it, along with all forms of racism, unreservedly.

I am not going to and do not need to keep making my position clear on this issue. I am confident that truth and the law will prevail and that these authorities will not succeed in denying any of my basic human rights.”

Calling out everyone who propagated the “false” word, Waters appears to be on a quest to dispel the allegations of antisemitism leveled against him. The musician seems unable to let go of his canceled gigs as he also said how his legal team was working to get the German cities’ decisions to cancel his participation at local festivals overturned.

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