Roger Waters Show That David Gilmour Called Terrible

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It goes without saying that every Pink Floyd fan knows about Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s feud. Even after Roger left Pink Floyd, he used to attack David in various interviews. However, David never criticized Roger back for attacking him.

But David once talked about Roger’s live performance and said that it was terrible, he also said that it did not sound like Pink Floyd at all.

Roger Waters performed The Wall live in Berlin

The Wall was led by Roger as David only wrote a few of the songs in the album and several months after the Berlin wall was brought down, Roger with his crew performed The Wall in front of over 500,000 audiences. Waters and his band built a figurative Berlin wall, which they then demolished as they performed. It was such a powerful performance where the audiences could connect.

However, Pink Floyd’s frontman did not think Roger’s performance was good. When David was in an interview with journalists Wolfgang Hoebel and Thomas Huetlin for Der Spiegel, he talked about Roger’s The Wall performance in Berlin and said, “Oh yes, good old Roger. He staged The Wall in Berlin. Did that sound like Pink Floyd? No, it sounded terrible.”

The legendary guitarist Gilmour thought Roger did not sound like Pink Floyd, and as mentioned already, he called it terrible. Maybe he had his own reason for calling it terrible because the live album couldn’t perform well in terms of sales. However, we can also say that it is their creative difference, and certainly, whatever it was David called, Waters’ “The Wall – Live In Berlin” was iconic and it still remains one of Roger’s best shows.

Why did David say it was terrible?

Well, in the above-mentioned interview, the interviewer told David about Roger’s claim. Apparently, Roger believes that there will be a Pink Floyd concert even five hundred years after their (Pink Floyd members) death. But David does not believe it, in the interview, he stated that even Roger did not sound like Pink Floyd when he was a former member of the band.

So, by calling Roger’s performance terrible, he showed his disagreement with Roger’s claim. He later cleared things up and said that Pink Floyd is not easy to copy, and obviously, he gave Roger’s example and said that he did not sound like Pink Floyd. According to Gilmour Pink Floyd create pretty unique music and there is no one who can copy it.

And if we look at it, both of them are correct in their own regards, certainly, as Gilmour said, Pink Floyd does indeed create very unique music that no one can imitate however, Roger is correct as well because Pink Floyd is one of the greatest rock bands and their music will always be there to influence rock music lovers, and certainly, even after they are long gone, there will be a Pink Floyd concert or at least a concert in Pink Floyd’s memory.

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