Rolling Stones’ Bassist Darryl Jones gets his documentary named , ‘In the Blood’

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The Rolling Stones have been in the rock world for more than 60 years. And during that period, in 1993 when the original bassist Bill Wyman retired, the Rolling Stones were compelled to look for a new bassist to play along with them on the stage.

The only person capable enough to be there was bassist Darryl Jones. He joined the Rolling Stones’ journey back in 1993 and started recording and touring in 1994. Before this, he had already played with Sting and Miles Davis.

The documentary, ‘In the Blood’ is directed by Eric Hamburg and follows the life of bassist Darryl Jones. This documentary follows the life of Jones, inside and outside the music world, bringing light to so many newer things.

Jones grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the States. With exposure to music as a kid due to his parents, the documentary also portrays the dark side to what he had to go through. In the face of racial and political matters of those times, the documentary follows his upbringing against such matters.

The documentary, ‘In the Blood’ features all the Rolling Stones members along with the late Charlie Watts. It features Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and everyone in the documentary who reminds us what impact Jones has done on Rolling Stones and also the Rock world.

The film reveals how Jones was an unexpected choice to succeed one of the founding members, Wyman. Despite his great past records like playing with Sting, Jones was more tilted toward Jazz and not Rock.

Watts says, “In a band, you have to get on with everyone, really and Darryl is one of those people who – he’s very easy to work with and very pleasant to be around.” in the documentary. As he was an unusual choice to be the bassist of a Rock band due to him having the influence of Jazz music, with the looks of the film, it seems like Richards was really happy as he loved Jazz along with drummer Charlie.

“It’s not an easy thing to replace someone who is an integral founding member of a band like the Stones and yet Darry was able to do it. And I think he’s brought a new element to the Stones that they needed. I don’t know if they could have gone for the last 30 years if they hadn’t had Darryl Jones playing with them.” said Hamburg in a Q&A in Santa Monica.

In the Blood

Jones said, “Hopefully not to sound too arrogant, but I’ve never really felt like a rookie with these guys.” He added, “When I played with them for the first time, I thought to myself, ‘that really felt good to me, and if it felt as good to them as it felt to me, I will hear from them again,’ and I did.”

Darryl is one hell of an inspiration to all of us. Still, after all these years, Jones tells that he is still an artist who has so much to learn. The documentary has documented such moments of him and shown them in the film.

Looks like Jones has also started a company that makes musical instruments that are custom-built in the US. He said, “ I had a wonderful experience of building an instrument for someone and handing it to them and watching them fall in love with it.” He added, “There are all these things that I want to do.”

With the documentary being about a musician, we can expect a lot of great stuff from this one. The director of the documentary Eric Hamburg went on to add, “I hope the film will inspire young people to pick up an instrument and play and write music. Darryl does not fit the cliches of rock stars. He’s not arrogant. He’s not on a big ego trip. He’s very humble. This is a movie about a very inspiring person.”

The documentary was released in multiple limited theaters and is also available on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Here is the trailer of Darryl Jones: In The Blood below. Take a look at it and have fun.

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