Ronnie Wood Shows Support For Eric Clapton’s Project

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Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood, two of the most important performers in the British music industry, have been friends for more than 40 years. The two have worked together on a variety of projects, including Clapton and Wood’s Rolling Stones and Cream. They have created some of the most recognizable blues-rock music of recent years together.

Eric Clapton has been making an effort to connect with anyone looking for support in their battle against addiction through his long-running recovery program, Crossroad Center. By announcing a small initiative of his own, Ronnie Wood hoped to lend some support to Clapton, as he stated in a statement on Instagram.

Millions of individuals worldwide are impacted by the serious issue of alcohol and drug abuse. Substance abuse is the unsafe or unhealthy use of drugs and alcohol, which can result in critical physical and mental health problems. The goal of rehabilitation, a crucial step in the healing process, is to assist a person in quitting using drugs and alcohol and in learning how to lead a better lifestyle.

Eric’s personal life has been filled with struggles and tragedies. Clapton has freely discussed his lifelong battle with alcohol and drugs in interviews, books, and songs. Beginning in 1967, Clapton’s alcohol and drug abuse persisted until the late 1980s, when he eventually found sobriety. Clapton used heroin and other substances at the height of his addiction, guzzling up to half a gallon of vodka daily. He tried often to become sober but frequently relapsed.

Since the late ’90s, he has been offering assistance through his Antigua-based international Crossroads Centre and attempting to direct anyone on their path to recovery. And recently, Ronnie Wood showed his appreciation for his project.

In Wood’s Instagram account, the guitarist said,

Ronnie has released a new limited edition print in support of Turn Up For Recovery and Crossroads Centre Antigua! ‘Affirmation II’ is the second print in support of the charities, following up from ‘Affirmation I’s ‘When I take care of myself, I can achieve anything.’ Tap the link in the bio to order your affirmation print.

Turn Up For Recovery is a charitable movement established to spread awareness of abstinence-based recovery through music, founded by Melia Clapton. ‘Affirmations’ – important tools in recovery – are short, positive messages repeated to encourage. Ronnie says, ‘Affirmations have become a really valuable part of my recovery and have always really inspired me along the way.

I wanted to create this print in support of Turn Up For Recovery to highlight the incredible work they do. It really does make a huge difference to so many lives.’ Turn Up For Recovery is the grassroots, charitable gig movement born out of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Turn Up For Recovery aims to raise awareness of abstinence-based recovery, tackle the stigma of addiction and help make treatment affordable to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.”

His rehabilitation services offer assistance to persons in recovery and aid in lowering the risk of relapse. People can effectively recover from substance misuse and lead healthier, more rewarding lives with the correct care. Wood is aware of how crucial it is for addicts to have assistance, whether it comes in the form of therapy or words of encouragement since any help is beneficial on the road to self-recovery and leading a healthier life.

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