Rush’s Geddy Lee Has Regrets Regarding Late Drummer Neil Peart: “I Was Selfish”

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In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Geddy Lee, the iconic bassist and vocalist of Rush, shared heartfelt memories while discussing his autobiography, “My Effin’ Life.” He vividly recounted a pivotal moment in 2016, during a walking tour along Britain’s historic Hadrian’s Wall, when he learned of his bandmate and close friend Neil Peart’s illness.

Lee expressed a mix of emotions as he reflected on this challenging period. Walking along the ancient Roman structure provided him with a therapeutic way to process his feelings, including regret and self-reflection about not fully embracing Peart’s retirement. He lamented his initial feelings of resentment and acknowledged the need for celebration and appreciation of their shared journey.

The conversation then turned to the last time Lee met with Peart. In a touching recollection, Lee described their final meeting as a profoundly meaningful experience. Peart, affectionately known as ‘Bubba’ by friends, spent his later days in his personal sanctuary, the ‘Bubba Cave’, surrounded by his passions – cars, books, and office space.

During their last conversation, Peart expressed immense pride in the musical legacy they had created together, revealing that he regularly listened to their collective work. This moment, according to Lee, underscored the deep bond and mutual respect they shared, forming a cherished memory in the wake of Peart’s passing.

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