Sammy Hagar Names The True Leader Of Van Halen

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Talking with Growth TV, recently, Sammy Hagar revealed the true leader of Van Halen. In most cases, the lead singer is considered the leader of the band.

Remembering his good old days in Van Halen, Sammy says “If you want to get into what happened, there were a lot of drugs and alcohol in that band. I drink and I had my share of playing around with drugs. I was getting a divorce; I had a new wife. You know, some of them were getting divorced [laughs]. It was just a time that got dysfunctional. Ed Leffler, our fearless leader or manager, had died, and he ran that band.”

Eddie wasn’t the leader,” Hagar argued. “I wasn’t the leader. I was a leader when I said, ‘Which time do you guys want to come tomorrow?’ ‘Hey, I can’t be there at two o’clock.’ ‘Why don’t we get together at two o’clock?’ ‘Okay, okay.’ I was that kind of a leader, but not like Ed Leffler.”

“[Ed would say] ‘You guys need a record; I need it about June 5. You guys need to get it today. You go shopping; you got to get some good clothes. We’ll bring some guys here. The record is coming out. You got to do the video.’ I mean, he ran the freaking band, and we loved it.”

“So when he died, [there was] nobody to run the band,” admitted Sammy and then explained his theory. “After ten years, we were in the tenth year – I have a theory, it’s for everything; marriage, a business, a band. Ten years, a decade; it’s time for regrouping.”

Sammy and Eddie both were not the leaders of Van Halen, but as per his mention Ed Leffler, manager of VH was the leader of Van Halen in actuality, he made this band a huge success and guide the members on what to do in every step.

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