Sammy Hagar Recalls ‘Envying’ Jeff Beck

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In a recent interview with Goldmine, Sammy Hagar discussed ten albums that significantly influenced his musical career. One of the albums he highlighted was “Truth” by the Jeff Beck Group, and he expressed both admiration and jealousy towards guitarist Jeff Beck. To provide more detailed information, I have conducted research from reliable sources.

Sammy Hagar’s appreciation for “Truth” by the Jeff Beck Group stems from witnessing their live performance early in his career. He was captivated by Rod Stewart’s distinctive singing style and Jeff Beck’s virtuosic guitar playing. According to an article published by Ultimate Classic Rock, Hagar mentioned that seeing the band live filled him with both envy and admiration. He recognized that Stewart’s vocal approach aligned with his own aspirations as a singer, while Beck’s guitar prowess inspired him to improve his own playing.

During the interview with Goldmine, Hagar revealed that he learned every song on the “Truth” album, studying both the vocals and guitar parts. This dedication showcases the significant impact the album had on his development as a musician. As reported by Loudwire, Hagar described “Truth” as a mind-blowing record that changed his life.

It is worth noting that Hagar’s admiration for the “Truth” album and the Jeff Beck Group is not a recent revelation. In a 2015 interview with Classic Rock, he discussed how the album influenced his artistic approach. According to Louder Sound, Hagar admitted to attempting to emulate both Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck while learning every song on the album.

“Truth” by the Jeff Beck Group, released in 1968, managed to achieve commercial success despite being recorded in a short two-week period. The album peaked at number 15 on the US charts, according to Billboard. The popularity of the album led to a subsequent tour, during which the Jeff Beck Group performed alongside renowned guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who was also a fan of Jeff Beck’s work, as reported by Guitar World.

To summarize, Sammy Hagar’s admiration and envy towards the Jeff Beck Group, particularly their album “Truth,” significantly impacted his musical journey. The album’s combination of Rod Stewart’s vocals and Jeff Beck’s guitar playing resonated deeply with Hagar, leading him to learn every song on the record and ultimately influencing his own artistic approach. The success of “Truth” and the subsequent tour with Jimi Hendrix further solidified the album’s importance in the rock music landscape of that era.

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