Serj Tankian of System of a Down calls for Imagine Dragons concert cancellation

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Earlier in the year, Serj Tankian of System of a Down publicly voiced his concerns about artists who seemingly bolstered Azerbaijan’s global reputation by performing in the nation.

Today, he’s back in the spotlight, expressing his dismay at a renowned pop-rock ensemble for their silence following his plea.

On his digital platforms, Tankian delved into his efforts to engage Imagine Dragons in a conversation about their upcoming gig in Azerbaijan’s Baku on September 2.

He hoped to shed light on some questionable actions by the nation’s regime and explain the potential implications of their performance. However, his sincere efforts were seemingly met with silence.

Tankian remarked, “They might’ve been tied down by legal contracts or maybe the issue just didn’t resonate with them.”

In a bid to mobilize public opinion, Tankian showcased a petition, urging the band to reconsider their stance. He also offered a glimpse into his initial outreach, hoping to rally more support.

Tankian’s passionate stance on Armenian matters, especially in collaboration with his band System of a Down, underscores the depth of his concerns about Azerbaijan.

Notably, in 2022, the band amplified news about a bombing incident on Armenia’s eastern frontier orchestrated by Azerbaijani troops.

The same year saw Tankian contribute to Rolling Stone, dissecting the global leadership’s puzzling inaction during Azerbaijan’s contentious moves. His YouTube channel has become a beacon for such candid reflections and insights.

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