Slash Recalls Meeting Lemmy Kilmister for The First Time Was ‘Intimidating’

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It’s fair for us to think two musicians often bump into each other. Because the music scene is very big and features lots of successful musicians. That’s the time they often build up their relationship. One interesting story behind Slash’s first meeting with Motherhead’s lead singer, Lemmy Kilmister is featured below.

Lemmy moved to the US in the 1990s, trying to get away from the gloomy weather of the UK. Just like his character, he loved the warmer climate and loved hanging out. He became a character on the Sunset Strip and would spend time at the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill.

The infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill was a place for Hollywood royalties. Many famous people like Van Halen, and Poison hung out in that place. Guns N Roses was not an exception. That’s when Slash had an encounter with Lemmy Kilmister. This was before Guns N’ Roses. In an interview with Kerrang in 2018, he talked about it. He revealed how awkward it was. Slash said,

“So I get up to take a piss, and when I come back, Lemmy’s there. He’s on the outside seat, she’s on the inside, and I get on her other side.” Slash was excited to meet one of the biggest rock artists in the world but Lemmy was more interested in Slash’s girlfriend. He continued, “I’m so enamored that Lemmy is there that I’m completely oblivious to the fact that he’s chatting up my girlfriend.”

Slash explained the situation further. He says back then his girlfriend had no idea who Lemmy was. So, it was hard for her as a guy was hitting on her even though her boyfriend was right there. Slash said, “She’s in this weird state, thinking, ‘Who the f*ck is this guy? And why aren’t you doing something about it?'”

Later on, Lemmy realized he was flirting with someone else’s girl and decided to back off. Slash continued, “Lemmy finally realizes that he’s become the third wheel in this situation, and it’s not going anywhere for him, so he gets up. She was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t do anything.’ And I said, ‘Do you know who that was?'”

It was prior to Guns N Roses and later on, Slash himself became a world-famous guitarist. They also crossed paths and Kilmister even appeared on Slash’s debut solo album in 2010. They were really close and performed together a few times.

When Lemmy Kilmister passed away on December 28, 2015, Slash was moved by the tragic loss. He shared, “Lemmy was somebody that I was so honored to have been friends with.” Kilmister and Slash’s first meeting was very awkward but their friendship later on in life was something we as fans should cherish.



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