Stadium Tour Proved Rock Is Not Dead, Says Rikki Rockett

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Rikki Rockett, the drummer of Poison, recently shared his thoughts on the success of their Stadium Tour with bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Joan Jett, emphasizing that rock music is still thriving. The tour, which concluded on September 9, was a massive hit, with plans to expand to global venues next year. It reportedly generated about $5 million per night in North America.

In a social media update, Rockett posted a photo of Poison bowing to a packed stadium, expressing his excitement over the summer tour. He confidently stated, “Rock and roll is alive and kicking, and so is our style of it!”

Despite receiving criticism for their musical skills, Rockett sees this as a part of Poison’s charm. He reflected on the historical criticism of rock music by jazz enthusiasts, pointing out that they didn’t grasp the essence of rock. “We’re not a fusion of jazz-rock or progressive metal. Most times, we’re not even metal – we’re pure rock and roll,” he said.

Rockett had a message for those who favor more intricate music: “Go ahead, enjoy your complex tunes, but rock and roll touches the soul. And if that makes us unpopular with critics, so be it. This summer, we reached people’s hearts. I saw it in our fans’ eyes, not the critics’. Your negative opinions don’t bother me.”

He concluded his message with a nod to one of Poison’s hit songs, saying, “Nuthin’ but a good time? Absolutely! Love to everyone! Until we meet again, remember: Seeing might be believing, but feeling is what’s real.”

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