Stan Urban sings “Great Balls Of Fire” With Tom Jones At ‘The Voice’ Audition

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A 79-year-old boogie-woogie pianist showed up for a blind audition on The Voice that ended with something very special. Stan Urban sits down at his piano and begins playing Chuck Berry’s “Little Queenie” with plenty of fireworks up and down the piano.

He certainly brought the rock ‘n’ roll to his performance, but when he spoke to the judges at the end, something special happened. Stan was praising Tom Jones for his contribution to Rock ‘n’ Roll, when Tom said, “Do you know Great Balls Of Fire?”, Stan replied, “In the key of C?”, Tom grabbed a microphone and they created some musical magic

At 79 years young, rock ‘n’ roll virtuoso Stan Urban brought his electrifying energy to The Voice UK, collaborating with the iconic Sir Tom Jones for a fiery rendition of the classic hit “Great Balls of Fire.”

The duo’s spontaneous performance of the Jerry Lee Lewis masterpiece occurred earlier this month on November 4, with 83-year-old Jones proving he’s still a force to be reckoned with, captivating the audience with his dynamic vocals.

Urban, a master on the piano, added his unique flavor to the jam with a vibrant, rhythmic piano performance, demonstrating his expertise in the rock ‘n’ roll genre. The performance, a blend of raw energy and musical finesse, quickly became a hit online, amassing over 2.3 million views on YouTube.

Originating from Dundee, Scotland, Urban initially caught attention on the show with his energetic rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Little Queenie.” His performance was a powerhouse display of skillful piano playing and robust baritone vocals, instantly winning over the audience and judge Olly Murs, who showed his approval by turning his chair.

The judges were visibly delighted throughout Urban’s performance, with the audience eagerly encouraging the remaining judges to show their support. Although Murs was the only judge to turn his chair, Urban’s presence was undeniable.

He had previously gained online fame for his spirited performance of “Great Balls of Fire” at Edinburgh Airport, where he entertained travelers with his rapid-fire piano skills and engaging presence.

Post-audition, Urban’s playful banter with the judges highlighted his charming personality, and his interaction with Jones was particularly memorable, as they jovially discussed the joys of aging. The videos clearly showcase Urban’s talent as a natural entertainer, deeply connected with his audience.

The judges expressed their admiration for Urban’s audition. Murs lauded the performance, resonating with the music he grew up with, while praised Urban for his unexpected rock ‘n’ roll piano flair and vibrant energy.

Anne-Marie complimented Urban’s captivating stage presence and voice, noting the joy he brought to the audience. Jones, sharing his love for the music genre, followed up with his appreciation before joining Urban for a show-stopping jam on “Great Balls of Fire.”

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