Stephen Stills: ‘David Crosby got out of here just in time’

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Stephen Stills has expressed gratitude for David Crosby’s timing of death after grieving the loss of his bandmate. Along with spending time in Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds, respectively, Stills and Crosby were both members of the band Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

When speaking with The Independent, Stills expressed satisfaction over Crosby’s peaceful departure. He spoke, “He just went to take a nap and didn’t wake up. Not a bad way to go, actually. There’s part of me that misses him dreadfully, and there’s part of me that thinks he got out of here just in time, if you look at the world”.

Live in Berkeley 1971, a new live CD by Stills that includes some performances with Crosby, is also scheduled for release. Even though Crosby and Stills frequently disagreed, Stills preferred to look back on their happy times together and remember their performance of “Lee Shore.” He stated: “We didn’t run through it that many times – and it shows! But that’s the way we rolled back then. It was marvellous.”

Looking back at the live recordings, Stills could hear Crosby and himself in their salad days being so animated and exclaiming, “We were very enthusiastic, and by the end of the shows I was literally barking because I couldn’t make the notes and everything was too fast!”.

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