Stevie Van Zandt Backs Up Bruce Springsteen After Live Show Criticism

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Stevie Van Zandt, a member of The E Street Band, recently lashed out on Twitter at a follower who questioned why Bruce Springsteen performs fewer tracks at his current concerts. The guitarist concurred with Springsteen when he said that true fans should just savor the moment and not worry about how many tracks are performed.

The band played in Atlanta, Orlando, and Hollywood in addition to Tampa, Florida, where the tour officially kicked off on February 1. August, September, November, and December now feature performances in North America as part of the tour. The singer will travel through Europe and give concerts in various locations through the end of July after wrapping up his tour of the United States in mid-April. Springsteen’s journey will come to an end with his last North American performances.

Van Zandt skipped the February 10 concert in Dallas because he was recently given a COVID-19 diagnosis. A Twitter user posted images of their boy, who recently attended his first Springsteen and the E Street Band concert. Van Zandt asked what he had thought about their performance. Another fan questioned why Springsteen performed 26 songs rather than 28, as he did at the start of the tour, in response to the guitarist’s remarks. Van Zandt backed up his friend right away, calling it absurd for him to judge their performances based on the number of songs they performed.

The user’s words on Van Zandt’s comment to another user: ”

“He’s thinking, why has Bruce only been playing 26 songs when he started the tour playing 28?”

That’s when the guitarist replied, “Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he’s thinking only a**holes pretending to be fans evaluate a show by the number of songs that get played or the time spent on stage. Real fans enjoy the intimate exchange of energy they and the band experience that is unique to the night they are there.”

Therefore, it appears that Stevie Van Zandt is more concerned with giving entertaining performances than with keeping track of the tracks they perform live. He offered Springsteen his complete support in this because he was aware of their commitment to giving their all during their live performances in order to provide the audience with a special experience.



  1. Beaufils Jean marie Reply

    I can play the river with my harmonica in Paris s’ concert. So one more song.!

    • Leo Walter Reply

      Everybody I know who has seen the show in State College Pa., and the East Coast has been amazed at how great the show has been. And some weren’t even the biggest Bruce fans to begin with. 2 less songs ? SMFH, what a f**g moron.

  2. Jeff Gaydos Reply

    Who gives a flying f*** how many songs he performs. you go out there at 73 and rock for 3plus hours then call me. !!

  3. Denise DiMascio Reply

    I went to the Austin concert
    And I was very pleased with 27 songs😊
    We are all getting older and he has got to be worn out after that many❤️

  4. Crossley Graham Reply

    27 songs and three hours is possibly too much. Anything over two hours is unnecessary.

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