The Songs Bruce Springsteen Wrote For Other Artists

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Bruce Springsteen’s fame was not easily found. After being signed to Columbia Records in 1972, his first two albums struggled to cause an uproar. This initial struggle for success made his third album ‘Born to Run’ a commercial success and his breakthrough into the mainstream.

Now, the Boss has over 20 studio albums to his name and is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. With over 65 million record sales, he is one of the most brilliant artists in the world. His songwriting skills are his greatest assets and are very unique. With the support of his fame, he addresses many political and social problems in his lyrics.

His vocal capabilities are also top-notch. Bruce has even written many popular songs for other artists, as his songwriting skills are like no other. We present to you some songs he wrote for other artists.

Pink Cadillac

The song was popular in 1987. Springsteen made the song years way earlier in his career and published it as Dancing in the Dark’s non-album B-side. Natalie Cole made the song very popular. According to some rumors, Bruce didn’t want a female artist covering the song but went along with it. The song then peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and was right to change his mind.

Light of Day by The Barbusters

The song was performed by a made-up band The Barbusters which consisted of Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox. Initially, Springsteen wrote the song for his 1983 album ‘Born in the U.S.A’. But he shared the song with Pual Schrader the director of the 1987 movie soundtrack Light of Day. The song peaked at number thirty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 with credit to The Barbusters.

Blinded by The Light by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

This is one hell of the catchiest songs Bruce ever wrote. It was recorded after he wrote it back in 1973. But the song was made famous by the British rock band Manfred Earth Band when they covered it. The song was well-received everywhere and even peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fire by the Pointer Sisters

The story behind the song is a sad one. Bruce wrote the song for Elvis Presley, sadly he passed away before he could listen to this song. It was written after Bruce saw Presley perform at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on 1977. The song was on the album ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, and when The Pointer Sisters covered the song, the song peaked at number two on the Billboard chart. The song was originally written by Robert Gordon and was revised by Bruce.

Spirit in the Night by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Spirit in the Night was included on Springsteen’s album ‘Nightingales and Bombers’ but didn’t make that much of a mark. Another song that was popularized by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. After Manfred Mann’s released their version of the song, it peaked at number 40.

This Little Girl by Gary U.S. Bonds

Bruce Springsteen wrote the song and composed this song. Gary U.S. Bonds sand this song and caused an uproar on the chart in 1981 and it was exceptional. This song was sang by Gary and he even covered many other songs of Bruce.

Because The Night by Patti Smith

Patti sings the song very naturally. She released the song back in 1978 and many believed she wrote it herself. However, that was not the case. Bruce is her friend and wrote the song ‘Because of The Night’ for her.

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