Super Awkward Moment David Gilmour and Roger Waters Met Again

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In 2005, campaigner Bob Geldof organized Live 8, a fundraiser against global poverty, and decided to attempt a “last night” of complete Pink Floyd, inviting the ensemble with the remaining members to re-unite with Roger Waters — who, surprise, was persuaded and consented.

On July 2, that year, the group reunited with the classic lineup after a 24-year hiatus, resulting in a fundraising success and a plateful for the most ardent admirers. Despite this, according to Gilmour, it was the group’s final definite night, as described by Rolling Stone: “Live 8 was great, but it was a closure. How to sleep with an ex-wife.”

However, the two would reunite in the rehearsal studio during Gilmour’s solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006. They bump into each other outside the rehearsal studios, which may have been embarrassing for Roger Waters, but Gilmour maintained his cool.

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