Ted Nugent Accuses Dolly Parton Of Being A ‘Satan Artist’

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Ted Nugent revealed lately that he was back at it with another harsh slamming session, and in this one, none other than Dolly Parton, found herself in the crosshairs during a talk on his Facebook program, the Nightly Nudge.

So Nugent and his co-host decided to discuss the present status of country music. To no one’s surprise, the rocker went loose and didn’t hold back, saying that country music had become “drag queen music” and had sexualized children.

He continued by calling Parton out for being a “Satan artist” rather than a country musician. A Wisconsin elementary school recently decided to prohibit the Dolly and Miley Cyrus song “Rainbowland” on the grounds that it wasn’t suitable for young children, prompting the guitarist’s claims. Ted then extended an invitation to all the brilliant country musicians to stand up for the genre and end its marginalization. Chris Stapleton, who had played the national anthem at the Super Bowl, was specifically singled out, and he encouraged him to stand up for country music and salvage the genre from its present plight.

Ted said, “How have we let country music turn into drag queen music? Anything more anti-country than celebrating the perversion of drag queens and the sexualization of young boys and girls by perverted fat men dressed like wh**s, and we got a country artist that is celebrating this. She’s not a country artist; she’s a Satan artist.

I wish I knew more names; there are so many gifted talented people up there. The guy that played the national anthem at the Super Bowl, what’s his name… Chris Stapleton? You guys need to speak up; I mean, tolerance has a limit.”

When it comes to politics, Nugent never holds back when it comes to expressing his opinions in public and letting others know what he thinks and believes to be “right.” Parton received the brunt of Ted’s recent “Ted-slamming-other-artists-for-a-minute-straight” attack as the rocker called her a “Satan artist” and everything that is “anti-country.”

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