The 5 Worst Rolling Stones Songs Of All Time

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The Rolling Stones are a well-known rock and roll group whose songs have influenced listeners for more than 50 years. In 1962, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart, and Brian Jones founded the band in London. The band has published well-known songs throughout their career, including “Satisfaction” and “Brown Sugar,” and their album “Exile on Main Street” is now regarded as one of the best albums ever made.

Although The Rolling Stones have a reputation for producing excellent music, this isn’t always the case. The Rolling Stones has always attempted to present new ideas because the band’s members all have various influences and backgrounds. The band has also experimented with various sounds and methods in an effort to make their songs more intriguing and distinctive. This can make some songs more famous than others, but it also increases the variety and interest in their music.

Here are The Worst Rolling Stones Songs

Fool to Cry

Many of the Rolling Stones’ followers didn’t like the song “Fool to Cry” by the band. Some of the band’s fans thought the music was too mellow and unrepresentative of their typical sound because the group had just finished a break from touring. Some individuals also believed the music was too sentimental for the Rolling Stones. Additionally, it contains the most repulsive string synthesizer composition not found on a Styx record.

Dirty Work

One of the worst things you can say about anything is that it has completely nothing about it. It’s disorganized and unkempt. Jagger rants about a woman who finds someone else to do her dirty job for free in the song, which is angry but cryptic.

Back to Zero

This song by Mick Jagger explores his anxiety regarding the nuclear conflict. The Stones weren’t Jagger’s top concern for the first time in his career because he was sick of them and instead concentrated on promoting his 1985 solo album, She’s The Boss. That might be one factor in the song’s disappointing outcome. The band’s attempt to stay current by following the most recent musical trends rather than remaining true to their own distinctive sound was also seen in the tune.


Due to its weak hook and forgettable tune, “Gomper” by The Rolling Stones has been deemed one of the group’s weakest songs. With a few minor tempo and instrumentation adjustments, the song’s basic and repetitive structure. The Rolling Stones’ “Gomper” is one of their least memorable tracks, failing to capture their distinctive energy and style.

Sex Drive

Due to its explicit material, “Sex Drive” has generated controversy. Some people might find it inappropriate that the music is about sexual exploration. Many of the stereotypical ideas and objectifications of women in the music business are expressed in the lyrics of the song. The entire experience is disconcerting, and oddly the mix won’t incorporate the lyrics into the beat so they awkwardly rest on top of everything.

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