The advice Elton John gave to Greta Van Fleet: “He’s a hero to us”

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The crucial guidance Elton John offered Greta Van Fleet at the singing pianist’s after-Oscars party in 2017 has been made public. Sam Kiszka, the bassist, and Danny Wagner, the drummer, recently reflected on their time with John and how his words have stayed with them ever since.

Kiszka told Loudwire Nights, “He was pretty much like, ‘Light it up. Do it. Own it. Don’t be shy. Just go for it.’ So after that, we were like, ‘OK, we’ll go for it.’ So that’s something you kind of have to remember is to give it your all and kind of create that person out there.”

“I think everyone’s getting into a little bit more creating almost a different person up on the stage. Daniel and Josh have really been into rhinestones and sparkles and creating a whole different thing for yourself onstage, and it kind of transports us there.”

Wagner also told, “It was probably the best out of all our years in our career that we could have met someone like that. It was at the very beginning. And he did give us that advice. He told us to flaunt what you’ve got while you’ve got it, essentially. This guy is a hero to us. He’s someone that amongst all the artists that we grew up listening to, he was one we held on a high pedestal. So to hear something like that from a person like that, you don’t take that lightly.”

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