The band The Cure’s Robert Smith called “better than drinking”

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Meet Robert Smith, the brilliant mind behind The Cure, a band that’s been weaving its sonic magic since 1978. As the sole constant member, Smith has steered the ship through various musical waters, shaping The Cure’s unique sound with his personal and creative journeys.

It’s not a stretch to say that The Cure is synonymous with Robert Smith, and vice versa. Through the decades, he’s been the captain, guiding the band through changing tides while remaining true to his vision.

Smith’s personal experiences have been the compass directing The Cure’s musical voyages. From the introspective depths of “Seventeen Seconds” to the haunting melodies of “Disintegration,” his thoughts and emotions have charted the course.

In the ’80s, drugs played a role in Smith’s creative process, influencing his songwriting. Reflecting on this period, he admitted to experimenting with various substances but emphasized the importance of moderation and exploration over addiction.

Perhaps his affinity for experimentation was sparked in childhood, surrounded by the avant-garde sounds of artists like Captain Beefheart and Jimi Hendrix, which often accompanied the drug culture of the time.

Yet, it wasn’t just drugs that fueled Smith’s artistic endeavors. He also enjoyed a drink or two, though he joked that his wife outpaced him in that department.

Recalling his early concert experiences, Smith reminisced about the overpowering energy of Thin Lizzy live shows, likening the experience to a high better than any drink could offer. It’s a testament to the band’s electrifying presence and Phil Lynott’s cool charisma.

So, while Thin Lizzy may have sung about whiskey, for Smith, their live performances were the true intoxicating elixir, leaving an indelible mark on his musical journey.

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