The Biggest Challenge David Gilmour Faced In Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd was formed in 1965 in London and became one of the most successful and influential acts in the history of rock music. The inventive songwriting of Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s famous lead guitar laid the foundation for their distinctive sound and approach.

Syd Barrett was the primary man of the band. David was also a childhood friend of Barrett and they knew each other for a long time. Gilmour was well aware of Barrett’s talent when it came to songwriting, and when Gilmour was given a chance to come into the band, he was a happy man. He also took on the job and memorized all the tracks of the band.

Around the same time, Barrett’s mental condition was not good. When the band decided to leave Barrett alone, Pink Floyd became one with David Gilmour. Syd couldn’t complete his work in the band and was left out. Back then, their record label was not happy with Barrett’s departure due to which Pink Floyd had to start from scratch with a new record label.

This was not a big problem for them, as they went on to become one of the most commercially successful bands in the world even without Barrett. It was not a problem for Gilmour, however, he revealed there was a time when he felt was the biggest challenge in his whole career. And it was after the departure of Rogers Water.

When the band’s main lyricist and creative force decided to leave, Dave would confront one of his greatest obstacles. Pink Floyd’s members always had complicated relationships. While talking with the Sun in 2022, David recalled his old experiences in the band. He discussed his complicated relationship with Waters and even revealed how hard it ws for him to deal with the band after Water’s departure.

“It’s been an alarming time, It was a big deal to carry on Pink Floyd with Roger gone. He was a big, big part of it. Big talent and was our primary lyricist, so it was difficult. I would describe myself more as a melodic guy, and Roger is more of an aggressive wordsmith. Different sides of us came together to create what we have become.”

It was difficult for the remaining members of Pink Floyd to lose a bandmate like Waters who had contributed so significantly to the band’s creative process. Their differences could be seen since their early days. Often times they would record the albums separately. When composing music, Roger Waters chose an aggressive style, and Gilmour was more into a melodic style.

Finally, enough was enough and after their album, ‘The Final Cut’, Rogers departed from the band. Even with all those fueds, they were able to create so many albums together until they couldn’t. Gilmour admitted that the two of them were a better fit for the band as they completed each other with agressive and melodic style together.

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