The First Song Stevie Nicks Ever Wrote

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Stevie Nicks has been a gift to the world. With so many of her songs speaking to us filled with emotions, she has also managed to maintain that all her life. Best known as being in the band Fleetwood Mac, she herself has released eight solo studio albums in her career.

The Queen of Rock and Roll has had a long storied career as a rock singer. Her musical style has always been a mix of rock, folk, and pop elements. She also speaks of spiritual elements in her music, which is why she dubbed it ‘mystic rock’. It can be heard in the instrumentation, lyrics, and melodies of her music. She is renowned for her intense intensity when producing and performing music. That gives her performances a distinct and potent energy.

All this talent was inside her even when she was young. The pure craft could be seen and when she had her first experience of heartache at the age of 16. She wrote a song called, ‘I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost, and I’m Sad but not Blue‘. It was the first song she ever wrote, and it was the time she realized she had a great talent for songwriting.

After she realized her songwriting talent, she started to write more and it was very often too. She has disclosed that the song started it all. She said, “On my birthday, I wrote a song about my first love affair, It was a relationship at 15-and-a-half where I was absolutely crazy about this guy. Thank God he broke up with me because if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been spurred on to write that song. Because when that song was done, I knew I was going to be a songwriter. I realized right away that I could write songs because I could have experiences without even having them, by just singing about them.”

Her first heartbreak surely helped Stevie and it also reminded her that most things happen for a reason. What if she had never gone through that, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten Stevie Nicks and the rest is history.

She also talked about her performances while she was young. Stevie was very interested in performing since she was very young, While talking with The Huffington Post in 2012, she reflected on her artistic gifts. “I have been a little performer since I was four years old, and you’re going to see that in this film, I was just nuts for the stage. I came into the world dancing and singing, and my mom and dad, I think, knew from the very beginning. My grandfather was a country-western singer and a fiddle player and guitarist, and he wrote songs and traveled all over the United States and played gigs in the forties.”

Nicks also added that her parents were cool and supported Stevie’s love of music. She also maintained her focus from when she was in grade school. She revealed that her parents knew she didn’t want to pursue acting and she just wanted to listen to rock n’ roll and R&B music. Stevie even said that her outfit was planned out all the way back in sixth grade. She said, “I just was in my own little musical world. I had it planned out. In sixth grade, I was wearing a black outfit with a top hat. I had it all planned out.”

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