The guitarist Prince said “Played prettier” than Jimi Hendrix

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Prince stood as a paragon of innovation and singularity in the musical cosmos. His creation of ‘1999’ in 1982, a composition that retains its avant-garde essence even in 2024, epitomizes his visionary genius. He boasted a multifaceted vocal prowess and an electrifying methodology in music composition, not to mention his proficiency with the guitar strings.

Often, Prince’s guitar virtuosity goes unnoticed, yet he ranks among the guitar luminaries. His impromptu stage appearance for a rendition of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ showcased his unparalleled command of the guitar, a performance that, posthumously, ignited debates over his supremacy as a guitarist. Prince himself might have demurred at claims of being the paramount, preferring to celebrate his idiosyncrasy.

Prince’s ethos in music creation was anchored in absolute uniqueness; he eschewed listening to any music during album production, a practice he advocated for his ensemble as well. “When I’m engaged in creation, that consumes my focus. I have no leisure for anything else,” he remarked. Yet, outside the confines of his work, he relished exploring the musical landscapes of his contemporaries. “It’s disheartening to hear artists deny indulging in their peers’ work,” he commented. “I’m aware of bands that, publicly disparage yet privately idolize certain artists. I aspire not to emulate that disposition.”

While reticent about his musical influences, when he did divulge, it provided a glimpse into the profound reverence he held for the musical artistry that enriched his life. “I’m insatiable for exceptional musicianship, irrespective of the source. I openly admire D’Angelo, Bjork’s innovations, the ethereal sound of the Cocteau Twins… In music, we’re kin.”

Prince often found himself compared to Jimi Hendrix, a parallel he esteemed yet refuted, steadfast in his quest for originality—a trait he deeply admired in Hendrix. “Hendrix was a maestro, unparalleled. Emulating him would be futile. My ambition is to carve my own niche, to be recognized for my originality.”

He also dismissed analogies to Hendrix predicated on racial similarities, asserting a closer affinity to Santana’s ‘prettier’ guitar play. “My guitar style diverges from Hendrix’s. If one truly listens, Santana’s influence is more discernible in my work. Hendrix embodied the blues; Santana, a more melodious beauty. It’s unjust to draw comparisons, save for instances of overt imitation.”

Prince’s legacy is immortalized by his originality and his magnanimous stance towards fellow musicians. While he acknowledged his influences and could discern the gravity, funk, and beauty in music, he perpetually placed his distinctive sound at the vanguard of his artistry, maintaining a sound uniquely his own.

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