The Heavy Metal Band Rush’s Geddy Lee Called The Best

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Rush worked their way and became one of the most influential bands of the past few decades. The band was formed in Toronto in 1968 and established its whole career on live shows. Rush is known for their complex and powerful arrangements and their musicianship. They never failed to give different performances and experiences to everyone in attendance.

The bassist and frontman of the band Geddy Lee also had quite an experience regarding live shows which changed the face of music altogether. When it comes to Geddy Lee, is known for his complex bass lines, high-pitched singing, and technical proficiencies. Jazz has a huge influence on his playing, and he frequently strums the strings with a pick. He has a distinctive sound that combines melodic playing with a hard-driving groove. Everyone had their favorite set of musicians while growing up and for Geddy, it was Jethro Tull. The prog rock band was the one that Geddy admires a lot still to this day.

During his interview with Quietus in 2012, he was asked about his favorite heavy metal act and album. That’s when He admitted that Jethro Tull was one of his favorite bands and that he had been a fan since he was very young.

While picking out his favorite album, he picked Jethro Tull’s ‘Thick As A Brick‘. He added, “I know it is partly a send-up of the idea of ‘concept,’ but it is delivered to perfection. I was a massive Tull fan from very young, and they are one of the bands that I saw live in Toronto… yes, we were lucky to see so many incredible concerts when we were very young, and I hope that too reflects in Rush.”

Tull also had a great impact on Rush’s stage performances. He said, that it was a big challenge for the band to create something so dynamic onstage. Geddy also said that Jethro Tull is one of the best live bands along with their albums.

Lee has also revealed what it was like for him to see them on stage in 1973. Back then he was only a 19-year-old teenager but the band had a very big impression on him. While talking with Classic Rock, he told the best concert he’d ever attended was ‘Jethro Tull at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto‘. About it, he said, “I think it was on the Thick As A Brick tour. The show began with the house lights on and a bunch of people in overalls sweeping the stage. Gradually there were less people sweeping, and then, all of a sudden, one of them would pick up an instrument, and next thing you know it’s the guys from Tull launching into the show.”

Lee added that for him they were the first band that combined incredible musicianship with complex songwriting and the band was funny too. That influenced him a lot in the later years of Rush. He said that the attitude of taking your music seriously but not taking yourself seriously is important.

‘Thick As A Brick’ had a massive role in Rush’s career, as it directly inspired Geddy Lee. Also, Jethro Tull’s live performance totally shaped how Rush acted later in their career. We can all say that the band had a great effect on Rush and Lee personally. Also, Tull was heavier and more complex than any other band during that time, we could say maybe they were the band that gave rise to ‘Heavy Metal’.




  1. Geddy never uses a pick. He has been jokingly known to forgive Chris Squire for using one. I didn’t bother reading anymore because I suspect there is so much misinformation on Geddy

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