The Led Zeppelin song that Robert Plant thinks is “Totally Ridiculous”

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Amidst Led Zeppelin’s extensive musical collection of hits and timeless classics, there exists a song that even the legendary Robert Plant himself deems “absurd.”

This particular piece is none other than “Immigrant Song”, serving as the opening track on Led Zeppelin III. What makes it fascinating is that Plant conceived the song while flying back from Iceland, as the band traversed the vastness of the North Sea.

The inspiration struck them as they imagined a Viking invasion, visualizing colossal ships and the distinctive rhythm of John Bonham’s drums. According to Robert Plant, the song seemed to manifest in an instant, a product of fleeting brilliance.

Fast forward to 2023, during an interview with Vulture, the iconic singer-songwriter expressed a tinge of regret, acknowledging that “Immigrant Song” might not be as accessible for young musicians.

Nonetheless, he praised its universal appeal, resonating with audiences of all ages. Plant emphasized that the genesis of the song lay in the band’s post-concert euphoria and the unforgettable escapades they had in Iceland.

He humorously recognized the absurdity of the song’s origins and its profound impact on him, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the medieval era.

One aspect that truly delighted Plant was how well-received “Immigrant Song” became among children.

The track found its way into popular films like “Shrek the Third” and “School of Rock,” leaving an indelible impression on young minds.

For Robert Plant, sharing the song with kids held immense significance, and he encouraged its unrestricted circulation without any hierarchical barriers.

While Robert Plant may view “Immigrant Song” as somewhat preposterous due to its spontaneous creation and Viking-inspired themes, he deeply appreciates its broad appeal and its ability to captivate the imaginations of young listeners, rendering it a cherished masterpiece within Led Zeppelin’s remarkable musical odyssey.

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