Robert Plant picks his favorite Led Zeppelin songs

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Robert Plant is a legend and a very popular name in the world of rock music. Robert Plant was the lead vocalist or singer of one of the most popular rock bands Led Zeppelin.

And as a fan, we all want to know about the star we idolize, and the fact is that we also want to know the favorite songs of our idol.

Similarly, fans of Robert Plant want to know about his favorite songs, not just every song but his own band Led Zeppelin’s songs.

So which Led Zeppelin song do you think is his favorite? and as one of the most popular and influential rock band’s lead singers, it is really interesting to know which his favorite song from his band is.

Although on many occasions he did not answer the question, however, he revealed his favorite songs from Led Zeppelin later in an interview.

And the interesting thing is that not only one but he named the nine songs from the band that are his favorites and obviously in this handy article we will talk about all the songs he named.

Favorite Led Zeppelin songs of Robert Plant

Jason Bonham also called out Robert’s favorite Led Zeppelin songs when he was on Eddie Trunk Podcast. Now without wasting any more time let’s list out all those songs.

The Immigrant Song

Back in 2010, Robert Plant spoke to radio station Q107 where he revealed that ‘Immigrant Song’ is cool. He said, “I think ‘Immigrant Song’ was great. Having been to Iceland, where we wrote it, I could understand exactly how it caught me musically and the agitation of the music too. It was smooth, cool.”


If you have been following Plant then you might know that he has told on various occasions that ‘Kashmir’ is his favorite Led Zeppelin song. Similarly, in an interview, he was asked what his favorite song from the band is Kashmir.

He said, “Kashmir’ in particular. It was so positive, lyrically. It’s the quest, the travels, and explorations that Page and I went on to far climes well off the beaten track… That, really to me is the Zeppelin feel.”

Moreover, he also talked about this song when he was in Q107 in 2010 and said, “I wish we were remembered for ‘Kashmir’ more than ‘Stairway To Heaven. It’s so right; there’s nothing overblown, no vocal hysterics. Perfect Zeppelin.”

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In My Time Of Dying

Another of Plant’s favorite songs from the band is ‘In My Time Of Dying,’ and this, he revealed back in 1980 when he was interviewed by Tony Bacon.

While talking about the song, he said, “it’s a great ramshackle blues slide. Straight off the top.”

Well, it is not hard to know why this song is one of his favorites after all this song is many of our favorites as well isn’t that right?

The Ocean

While in the interview Plant also talked about another song, ‘The Ocean.’

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