The Moment George Harrison Impressed Paul McCartney On His Deathbed

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Even after more than six decades, The Beatles remains one of the greatest bands and it always will. It was formed back in the 60s and the band was only in action for ten years, however, it did not stop them from becoming the number music artist to sell most records ever.

Well, it is not surprising given the talented members of the band. John Lennon is a legend himself, Paul McCartney another rock legend, one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters George Harrison, and the best drummer as well as songwriter. Each member of the band was truly filled with musical talent.

However, we are not going to talk about each member in this piece. We all know that even after the band broke up the band members were still good friends. And we all know that George died more than two decades ago on November 29, 2001, and when he was on his deathbed his pal Paul went to see him, and even on his deathbed Harrison did nothing but impressed McCartney.

George Harrison impressed Paul McCartney on his deathbed

Before we go on, let’s discuss briefly how Harrison end up on a deathbed. In 1997 Harrison was diagnosed with throat cancer however, with radiotherapy his cancer was treated, however, later in 1999 a 34 years old mental patient named Michael Abram broke into Harrison’s house and stabbed him.

Harrison’s lung was punctured and reports have it that he had over 40 stab wounds. As mentioned his cancer was already treated however, many believe that Harrison’s cancer returned because of the attack. After the return of cancer in his body, he underwent an operation to stop cancer from spreading from one of his lungs. Sadly, he also got a brain tumor and went for treatment. And obviously, his health started to worsen.

He was in Switzerland at the time and his old pal Ringo Starr came to see him. Furthermore, McCartney also went to see his friend a few weeks before his passing and although sad, he was also impressed seeing Harrison. Paul remembered the time he met Harrison and said that even though he was on his deathbed, he was still laughing and making jokes. He never showed fear and it really impressed McCartney.

McCartney said, “I saw him a couple of weeks ago. He was quite ill, obviously, but we were laughing and joking, just like nothing was going on. He’s always been a very brave guy, and I was impressed by his strength. But I kind of knew he’d be like that because that’s how he always was. Beautiful man.” Furthermore, he also said that he will always remember him as a great man.

It seems that Paul knew how strong Harrison was and even though it did not surprise him, he was really impressed by George’s strength. Ringo also shared that when he went to see Harrison in Switzerland, he was very weak however, Starr had to leave shortly because of his daughter’s emergency brain surgery and even when Harrison was so weak, Starr remembers Harrison what he told him (Starr).

Ringo says that after hearing Ringo leaving because of his daughter’s surgery Harrison told him, “Do you want me to come with you?” Certainly, Harrison was a great man and a great musician. Sadly, he passed away on 29 November 2001. He was just 58 years old when he died. His funeral was held in California and was cremated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. And as he followed the Hindu religion, his family scattered his ashes in the rivers Ganges and Yamuna.

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