The Non-Musical Tools Ted Nugent Uses To Boost His Performance

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The lead vocalist of The Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent is a remarkable musician and activist. With his hands laid on hard rock and psychedelic rock, Ted is known for his bluesy, frenzied guitar along with his energetic live shows. He is also a part of a hunting community.

Ted has pretty much contemplated his hunting lifestyle in his music too. He is an advocate of the right to bear arms. But he does have a conscience and he instructs venues to not allow firearms while performing.

Nugent has spoken on right to bear firearms. Other love which exists in Ted’s life other than musical equipment is his love of firearms and hunting. During a chat with AXS TV, the guitarist shared his mus-have equipment while on tour. It consists of guitars, amps, and other surprising kinds of stuff.

He revealed, “I’m the only guitar player in the world that has guitars and amplifiers, and I also bring my bow and arrow on the road,” told Ted as he disclosed his must-haves while hitting the road. “I always have since, geez, 1964-1965 with the Amboy Dukes, and [at the] backstage, we set up phone books or boxes with newspapers [to shoot].”

Nowadays there is no use for phone books and it’s not easy to get one. When the host pointed it out, he said, “That’s, talking about the old days, a little before your time key but [at the] backstage I play my guitar and I hang out with the guys, but then I get my bow, and I celebrate the ‘Samurai Spirit of the Mystical Flight of the Arrow.’”

He disclosed that shooting bows and arrows helped him maintain the energy he needs during the performance. He said, “It gets me more piss and vinegar, which I will put to use on stage. So, I got guitars, amps, bows, and arrows. I think that’s rather unique.”
Bow and arrows are an important part of him while on road. His enthusiasm for musical instruments and arms is not much of a surprise.
Back in the 2010s, Nugent was in the town to play for a rock show at Van Andel Arena. He met his fellow musical veterans REO Speedwagon and Styx. There they stopped by to shoot bows and arrows. There were also men who were trying to make their way back into society after struggling with homelessness and prison. Many of them were also veterans.

Nugent also went on to explain to the people there how to draw and shoot. He said, “I’m 64-and-a-half years old and this is how I get high, not a day goes by when I’m not contacted by someone doing something to help the military in their family.” He added,

“They call me and say ‘Hey Ted come by this hospital’ or ‘Hey Ted, we’re having a barbecue’ or ‘Hey Ted, we’ve got some machine guns, come shoot up some ammo.’ Now what am I going to do, say no thanks?”

He concluded with, “These are the kind of people I hang out with. They’re very loving, incredibly generous and giving and they always invite me to be part of it, So it’s not me, it’s them, and if I can come and maybe give a little bit of inspiration about my quality of life that’s directly a result and these heroes in the military? They have provided the freedom for my career and hunting life so I like to give back to them. We are on tour all spring and summer and we do something with the military every day.”

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