The one band David Gilmour wishes he was in

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Every one of us is familiar with the name David Gilmour, after all, he is the frontman and the lead vocalist of the popular rock band Pink Floyd. However, he is not only famous for being Pink Floyd’s singer but he is widely known for his wide music knowledge and guitar skills.

If Gilmour did not pursue a music career then Pink Floyd would not be the same in fact Pink Floyd’s fate would have been something else. Well, thank god he was obsessed with music. Certainly, there are many musicians who are inspired or influenced by Gilmour. And there is also Roger Waters who is a long-time rival of Gilmour.

We know that they have one of the music industry’s greatest feuds, however, even Waters admits that Gilmour is one of the most creative and talented musicians. And it was the two of them who partnered up and made Pink Floyd a legendary band.

Although Gilmour is the frontman of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, he still wishes that he was in another iconic band. Can you guess which band is it? yes, Gilmour wished to be the Fab Four, the Beatles. He has talked about this in an interview and in this piece we will be discussing it.

The band David Gilmour wished to be in

As mentioned above, Gilmour wanted a member of the Beatles. And it is not even surprising considering the fact that Gilmour is a huge admirer of the Beatles and was inspired by their music a lot and of course he loves them a lot. At his young age, Gilmour would often play the Beatles’ songs. Also, he really wanted to get involved with the Beatles and his wish did come true, although he could not perform with all the members, he collaborated with Paul McCartney and performed together.

Even his collaboration with Paul shows that he really loves the Fab Four because Gilmour is a really successful musician, a legend actually and he does not need to collaborate for money. So the only reason for him to collaborate with McCartney is out of love.

Back in 2015, Gilmour was in an interview with Mojo where he talked about the Fab Four and said, “I really wish I had been in The Beatles. [They] taught me how to play guitar, I learnt everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic.”

Furthermore, Gilmour also performed at the concert which was a tribute to the Beatles back in 2002. He has always admitted being the Beatles fan, back in 2006 he said in an interview, “I was an absolute mad Beatles fan.” Moreover, when Gilmour was asked in an interview if he thinks Pink Floyd is the best band ever and then the Beatles, he said that the Beatles are the best.

Gilmour really loved the Beatles and he was really devastated after hearing the news of John Lennon’s brutal murder. A few years after Lennon was killed, Gilmour released his song called “Murder” and he wrote this song in memory of Lennon. This track was included in his 1984 second solo album About Face.

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