The one guitarist Eric Clapton thinks can be better than him

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One of the finest guitarists of all time, Eric Clapton unquestionably had an impact on the rock genre. The bar that Eric Clapton established with his guitar playing has been set for future generations of musicians. Several guitarists have been motivated to develop their own distinctive sounds as a result of his blues-influenced approach, which is marked by complicated solos and emotional phrasing.

In addition to his technical prowess, Clapton was a pioneer in fusing various musical genres and styles into his work. He has dabbled in a variety of genres, including pop, reggae, and acoustic blues, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible on the guitar.

The legendary Eric Clapton has frequently expressed his admiration for his fellow musicians, even disclosing the one guitarist who could surpass him.

Jimi Hendrix was one of the people for whom Clapton had a great deal of respect. During Clapton’s Cream era, they quickly bonded and become close friends. In interviews, they also expressed how much they admired one another. When Hendrix passed suddenly, Clapton was heartbroken and frequently emphasized that no one had attempted to advance Hendrix’s unique playing style.

Not to be overlooked is Eric Clapton’s infatuation with the three blues legends Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and B.B. King. Even though he is unquestionably one of the most well-known rock figures, Slowhand has been influenced by the blues, and his desire to work with one of the famous names finally materialized.

Clapton did have the opportunity to collaborate with B.B. King, the King of the Blues, on an album. The pair released their album, “Riding with the King,” which was certified 2 multi-platinum in the US and peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Blues Albums in 2000. Fans continue to talk about the instant smash today, and Clapton particularly enjoys it.

Carlos Santana is Clapton’s choice as the guitarist who could surpass him at any time. When Clapton had the chance to perform onstage with Santana, he was astounded by his skill. Clapton professed his admiration for the guitarist in a Rolling Stone interview. He acknowledged that Santana was a very capable player who kept him alert.

While answering who could surpass him, he answered, “Well, from playing with him on this tour, I know that Carlos Santana is a very, very strong player. He kept me on my toes. Basically, though, I wouldn’t say I like to give a specific opinion on someone else’s playing. Not only is it unfair to another musician, but I don’t keep track anymore.

“I’m not a competitive guitarist, I’ve settled into my own pace. If I have to change my ways in order to top a poll somewhere, I’d rather not play.”

Clapton also stated that he did not want to compare himself to other guitarists or evaluate their playing abilities. He believed that each musician has their own niche in the business and that he has found his own rhythm. At the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2004, Clapton and Santana collaborated on a performance of “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba,” which is still regarded as a significant event in rock history.

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