Eric Clapton and Tom Morello Sign Petition to Reverse Roger Waters’ Show Cancellation

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It was previously reported, Roger Waters‘ performance in Frankfurt, Germany was canceled by the city because of the rocker’s outspoken political opinions. But, numerous of his musical contemporaries are now speaking out in support of him.

A petition has been started to overturn the Frankfurt City Council decision to exclude Roger Waters from playing in the city.

On May 28, the co-founder of Pink Floyd was supposed to take the stage at Frankfurt’s Festhalle. 60% of the venue’s ownership is held by the city. The council referred to Waters as “one of the most well-known antisemites in the world,” citing, among other things, his boycott of Israel and his comparisons of Israel to apartheid South Africa. The Central Council of Jews in Germany afterward applauded the choice and urged other German venues set to welcome Waters to follow suit in a statement. A second concert that was scheduled to take place in Munich on May 21 was postponed shortly after.

The bassist for Pink Floyd was scheduled to play a gig in the city on May 28 as part of his This Is Not A Drill tour, but Frankfurt City Council officials decided to cancel the event owing to allegations of anti-Semitism.

To try and convince the government to change its mind about Waters’ tour stop, a petition was started. It already has nearly 12,000 of the 15,000 signatures needed, with musicians like Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Tom Morello, and Waters’ Pink Floyd bandmate Nick Mason among those who have signed. It was started by comedian and American political commentator Katie Halper.

The petition reads, “We artists, musicians, writers, and other public figures and organizations are deeply disturbed by the recent efforts by German officials to discredit and silence musician Roger Waters.”

“Officials in Germany, concert organizers, and music platforms must not succumb to the pressure of those individuals and groups who would rather see Waters’ music removed than engage with the issues his music highlights.”

Waters’ lawyers also stated, ”

[This is] to ensure that his fundamental human right of freedom of speech is protected. And that all of those who wish to see him perform, are free to do so in Frankfurt, Munich and in any other city in any other country.

Antisemitism has been leveled against the contentious musician before. Most recently, Waters was called “antisemitic” and a “Putin apologist” by Polly Samson, the wife of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. The post was shared by Gilmour, who added, “Every word demonstrably true.”

Waters will perform in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday as part of his ongoing This Is Not a Drill tour. The concert is slated to take place in Frankfurt on May 28.

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