The poem Jimi Hendrix wrote on the night he died

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Jimi Hendrix was the rock star who shined brightest of all. Sadly, after his untimely death on September 18, 1970, he became part of the 27 club. His music career only lasted for four years however, during those years, he changed the whole music scene by combining various music styles and creating a new form of music.

Hendrix was not just any music artist, he had magic in his hands, and fans could see and hear his magic when he played guitar. Certainly, he was a pioneer of the electric guitar and although he is no more, his stardom still remains the same.

As a songwriter, Hendrix wrote and recorded more than 170 songs. He was undoubtedly a music lover and we can say that his life began with music and ended with music as well because he wrote a poem the night before his demise.

Jimi Hendrix wrote a poem before his untimely death

Jimi was a party animal and it has been reported that the night before his death, he was partying until 3. Hendrix’s last girlfriend Monika Dannemann stated that she had prepared dinner for the two of them at her apartment. Hendrix who was partying returned to Dannemann’s apartment where they had a long conversation.

He also wrote down a short poem to pay tribute to her. Hendrix wrote, “The story of Jesus/So easy to explain/After they crucified him/A woman, she claimed his name / […] The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye/The story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again.”

As mentioned, it is said that Hendrix wrote this poem to pay tribute to his girlfriend Monika. According to Tony Brown’s book, Jimi Hendrix: The Final Day, Hendrix gave the poem to Monika and asked her to keep it forever with her. “I want you to keep this forever. I don’t want you to forget anything that is written. It’s a story about you and me,” Hendrix told his girlfriend.

Hendrix’s friend Eric Burdon, however, thought that it was not only a poem but also a suicide note but later he said that he read the words wrong.

Hendrix wanted to change his lifestyle

It is not a secret that Hendrix was a heavy drug and alcohol user, this habit of his was also responsible for his untimely death. However, he wished to change his lifestyle, and he had a good reason to do so as he once got kidnapped for two days and did not even know it.

His manager Chas Chandler stated that the last time Hendrix called him, he asked to help him. Chandler said, “I need help bad, man,” was the last words from Jimi.

Sadly, he could not fulfill his wish and died at the young age of 27 years old. The day he died, he went to his girlfriend’s apartment as mentioned where they talked for a long time. Later, Monika found Hendrix unresponsive although he was breathing so she immediately called for help and they took him to St Mary Abbot’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead by Dr. John Bannister.

More than 200 people visited his funeral and later Hendrix’s earthly body was buried at Greenwood Cemetery. In honor of Hendrix and music composer George Frideric Handel, a museum Handel & Hendrix in London was opened where fans can visit to see the musicians’ works.

Furthermore, ten days after his death, his autopsy report was out and it stated that Hendrix choked on his own vomit and died of asphyxia. It also stated that Hendrix was intoxicated with barbiturates.

He will always remain in our hearts and prayers, although his musical career was short, he still was able to inspire many other musicians including Pink Floyd.

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