The Reason Bob Dylan Called The Beatles ‘Outrageous’

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Two of the most important figures in the history of rock music are Bob Dylan and The Beatles. The Beatles are frequently credited with popularizing psychedelic rock, while Dylan is frequently regarded as the “founder” of folk rock. Rock music is said to have originated as a result of Dylan’s distinctive songwriting style and The Beatles’ enormous popularity.

While most people may resonate with this feeling, there were people who didn’t like the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Even Bob himself called the Beatles ‘outrageous’ however it was not a negative thing and instead he meant they were more unique than anything he had ever seen.

Rock and folk songs by Bob Dylan are well-known. Topics like social injustice, civil rights, and the Vietnam War frequently appeared in his songs, and his music also incorporated political themes and allusions to American culture.

Whereas, The Beatles’ music, which blended elements of pop, rock, psychedelic rock, and classical music, gave rise to numerous genres and subgenres. The band’s inventive and cutting-edge use of recording technology is another thing people remember about them for. When they made music, it captured the whole world and took it by storm. They had a distinct sound that fused rock and roll, folk, and pop music and featured inventive songwriting. Their immense popularity has led to them being credited with popularizing psychedelic rock and inspiring countless imitators and successors.

Back in 2014, Bob talked about the Beatles and how they changed the world. He said that he had seen that the Beatles would make a great impact on the music world. Bob said,

They were doing things nobody was doing. Their chords were outrageous, just outrageous, and their harmonies made it all valid… But I just kept it to myself that I really dug them. Everybody else thought they were for the teeny-boppers, that they were gonna pass right away. But it was obvious to me that they had staying power. I knew they were pointing the direction of where music had to go.”

Bob had recognized them as true artists before anyone else in the music world. He recognized their tenacity and the musical direction they were pointing. Overall, the world of rock music has been greatly influenced by both The Beatles and Bob Dylan. They have influenced innumerable musicians and fans while helping to define and mold the genre. They undoubtedly will continue to have an impact on future generations with their famous songs and ground-breaking sounds.

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