The Story Of David Crosby, Grace Slick, And A Gun

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Grace Slick had a thing for guns in the 1960s when she was youthful and carefree. She bought a shotgun and for fun shot it out her window at the trees in Golden Gate Park as the Jefferson Airplane tour’s European portion came to an end.

Grace was also detained in 1994 for allegedly pointing an empty gun at a police officer and complaining that the officer had illegally invaded her property.

When Signe Anderson, the group’s original female vocalist, left in 1966 to give birth to her daughter Lilith, Grace Slick was chosen to take her place. Despite the former model’s shrill vocals, overwhelming charisma, and stunning beauty, Slick was responsible for the Airplane’s greatest hit songs.

Back in the day, David Crosby of CSNY and Grace Slick were close friends. The title of the 1973 album Crosby and Slick collaborated on, “The Chrome Nun,” made allusion to Crosby’s adoring moniker for the vocalist. Their collaborative work, The Ballad of the Chrome Nun, is also included on the Album. Even though Grace Slick had long since left the music business, Crosby still praised her as “the queen of rock and a ceiling-shattering female counterculture icon” years later.

They were close friends and both well-known members of the hippie movement. They were renowned for their playful and naughty friendship. So when Crosby passed away, many well-known individuals paid tribute to him, including Grace Slick, who believes Crosby saved her life by getting her into a rehab program. Even though Crosby and Slick had been close pals for a long time, no sane person would anticipate that he would remain composed if Slick pointed a gun at his head.

Slick stated in a newly discovered 2021 tweet that she once pointed a gun at Crosby. It stated, “In an interview, Grace shared how her home had been broken into: ‘I went upstairs… with the gun aimed at the door. And David Crosby walks in… But Crosby was real cool. He said: ‘Good girl.’ I said: ‘I damn near blew your head off! Whatta you mean, good girl?’

David Crosby also replied to the tweet by saying, “She was scared but brave.”

Despite the fact that Grace Slick seemed scared, David Crosby reassured her that she was a wonderful child because he could see bravery in her eyes.

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