The Supergroup Jimi Hendrix Almost Joined

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Jimi Hendrix discovered his passion for music at a very young age. He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and played with many local bands. Even musicians such as Curtis Knight and the Squires, Little Richard, and many more established artists.

The member of the 27 Club, Hendrix passed away on September 18, 1970. The influence he had on the play of guitar was phenomenal. His mainstream career spanned only four years. Many musicians also collaborated with Hendrix but he never got himself involved with others.

That’s the reason many of us fans still imagine a band with him and many other successful artists. Sadly, this is not possible but seems like there was a possibility of a supergroup that involved Hendrix. Seems like it was just before Hendrix’s passing.

Chas Chandler discovered Jimi Hendrix, and when he arrived in London he searched for members to form a band. This was just to showcase their abilities of Hendrix. During this process, he recruited Noel Redding as the bassist and Mitch Mitchell as the drummer. Also, when Chandler introduced Jimi to Eric, the guitarist was on a rise to stardom.

Mitch played his part as the drummer on Hendrix’s first three albums. It was also the most successful release of Jimi Hendrix. He also stayed and continued playing with him. Also, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake had a different plan involving Mitchell and Hendrix.

Both Emerson and Lake wanted to recruit Mitch as the drummer for ELP. And they were confident that Mitch would bring Hendrix with him as they were close. It meant that a legendary band would be created. Later on, Carl Palmer was chosen as the drummer. Even though there was news that Jimi would join and form the band, HELP. HELP a wordplay for ‘Hendrix Emerson Lake Palmer’.

This was the plan. Emerson and Lake wanted to perform in the studio, they even had plans to jam together. However, such a session never took place. This plan of the supergroup was halted when Jimi passed away on September 18, 1970. And now we can only imagine how cool they would have sounded.

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