The Two Queen Songs Roger Taylor, Says He Would Never Sing

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One of the finest and best drummer of all time and was in high demand in the 60s, 70s and 80s era Roger Taylor a band member of Queen has confessed that he doesn’t want to sing two songs released by Queen.

This sounds very itchy to the fans of Queen but there is some real reason and it may make us amazed too. At the moment, Roger is busy with his solo tour and music career but still, there is a special kind of respect for this guy, without whom the Queen band is almost incomplete.

Last year Roger was busy touring and releasing his new album “Outsider” and also, started his Outsider UK tour, which managed to get a huge success. After the tour, the album was released on September 30 but with this success, Taylor also shared some things about his musical life.

Talking with Billboard, Taylor shared that there are two Queen songs that he doesn’t like to sing in front of others or in his tour. We got shocked when we found the name of the two songs but the reason he shared about these songs is very special.

Notable and the best Queen classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Are The Champions,” are the two songs we are talking about in this post. And the reason, why he doesn’t want to sing these two songs is very emotional. He expressed that, these songs are very connected to Freddie Mercury and there is only one person who can sing this world in a perfect way.

But Taylor has shared another several songs that he loved to feature in his every tour, ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and ‘These Are the Days of Our Lives,’ comes in his first pick.

“I have ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ ‘These Are the Days of Our Lives.’ These are songs that have been sort of hits, so people knew them. I think people like to hear songs they know — the old saying, ‘Play the hits!’ So it’s nice to have the hits to sprinkle in amongst some not-quite-so-well-known songs.

It wasn’t difficult, really. I’d never think of singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or even ‘We Are the Champions.’ You need sort of a more diva-ish singer to put those songs across. I’ve sung “The Show Must Go On” on occasion, but it’s difficult.”

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