The unusual message that Ozzy Osbourne sent to Robert Plant by accident

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Ozzy Osbourne’s public image as a grizzled rock legend doesn’t do justice to his unexpected and vibrant sense of humor.

This facet of his personality was hilariously showcased during a 2016 appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, where he shared a whimsical tale from his life, an unexpected episode as funny as it was.

In a moment of candid chat, Ozzy, accompanied by his son Jack, admitted to his hapless relationship with technology, specifically mobile phones.

“I attempt, yet I’m forever fumbling texts to the wrong recipients. I’m hopeless even with a simple digital watch, never mind a phone,”.

It was the setup to a delightful anecdote involving a mistaken text to Robert Plant, the iconic Led Zeppelin frontman. With a sparkle in his eye, Ozzy recalled how he inadvertently sent Plant a text saying, “I can’t find the cat.”

Plant’s response? A flabbergasted and unforgettable: “You can’t find the cat…?” The audience erupted in laughter, captivated by Ozzy’s storytelling prowess.

This blunder, shared in a moment of warmth and humor, immortalized an ordinary mistake as a cherished memory for two rock legends and their adoring fans.

Far from being just another mishap, it turned into a testament to Ozzy’s endearing human side, a side that doesn’t always make the headlines but resides in the hearts of those who know him.

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