THE WHO’s Pete Townshend Slams AC/DC For Making The Same Album Over And Over Again

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Pete Townshend recently shared in a New York Times interview his candid thoughts on music creation and performance. He confirmed his interest in producing new tracks for The Who and envisioned a grand farewell tour spanning the globe.

Despite his prolific creativity, Townshend revealed a lack of enthusiasm for live performances, acknowledging financial motivations behind his tours. He emphasized his high standards for personal living and a shift away from seeking public approval, recalling the lukewarm reception of his 1985 album “White City.”

Townshend humorously noted AC/DC’s consistent sound across their extensive discography, contrasting it with The Who’s diverse and innovative approach to music. He highlighted The Who’s recent contribution to the Teenage Cancer Trust concert series at London’s Royal Albert Hall, which also celebrated Roger Daltrey with a star-studded lineup including Robert Plant and Eddie Vedder.

Meanwhile, AC/DC is set to captivate fans with two anticipated performances at London’s Wembley Stadium, featuring The Pretty Reckless as special guests.

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