This 4-year-old girl is our new favourite Freddie Mercury impersonator

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Over the years many people have impersonated their favorite artists, likewise, there are people who have tried and impersonated the Queen’s former lead vocalist and founding member Freddie Mercury. Be it his vocals or talking styles or even his outfits, fans have left nothing more to impersonate.

Furthermore, even though there are several outfits fans wear to impersonate Freddie, his swagger look from the live aid still remains the most iconic. A plain tank top, jeans, Adidas sneakers, belt, and armband with a mustache. There is no denying that is Freddie’s most famous and iconic look.

And recently, a four years old Derry girl went viral with her amazing impersonation of Freddie’s iconic live aid look. So who is this cute little girl? why did she dress up and impersonate the legendary music artist Freddie Mercury? find out everything below in the article.

A cute little girl impersonates Freddie Mercury

As mentioned a four years old little girl named Robyn Long from Ireland became viral after dressing up as Queen’s Freddie Mercury. Below is the video, we can see Robyn impersonating Freddie and giving a performance of a lifetime at Ebrington Square. Furthermore, the video is edited and mixed with the Queen’s live aid performance which is really great.

Apparently, it was her mom and uncle who dressed her up as Freddie. Later, Robyn’s grandfather James Burke posted the video on social media and it suddenly went viral. However, this is not the first time she has impersonated someone, she dressed up as Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker last year. Furthermore, she has also dressed up as Chucky.

According to her mother Dawn Long, it all started when Robyn was just two years old. Dawn stated that when Robyn was two years old she dressed her up as Edward Scissorhands for Halloween. Likewise, Robyn really liked the Joker’s dance and tried to copy him.

She later said that Robyn loves Freddie Mercury, she said, “She really loves Freddie Mercury, we have his CD in the car and she sings away to his songs, it’s so funny. John was in Derry for Halloween so we decided to dress her up and take her to Ebrington to do that video. The video is so cracker and I was blown away by the number of people who saw it and commented on it.”

Moreover, Dawn said that although she is the one who made the costumes, it was her daughter Robyn who got into the character. She also revealed that it takes her months for making costumes however, watching the cute little girl, it seems that all her hard work was worth it.

She said, “I made the costumes myself but she really gets into the character. I could be doing her costume eight months before Halloween. My husband Gerard always tells me I’m mad when I’m working on it for so long but he would be the first to tell me how class it is too! People were laughing at her doing the Joker but she didn’t get annoyed or play up, she was able to just do it and she was only three, then.”

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