UFO Guitarist Says OZZY Isn’t a Good Singer: “He Was Only Successful Because of Musicians Around Him”

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In a recent chat with the Rock Interview Series, UFO’s key player, Neil Carter, candidly shared his take on Ozzy Osbourne’s voice, implying that Ozzy’s immense success could be credited to the brilliant musicians he collaborated with throughout his career.

Recognized as one of Britain’s pivotal hard rock acts from the ’70s and ’80s, UFO has been a touchstone for several renowned rock and metal bands, ranging from Iron Maiden and Metallica to Pearl Jam.

Neil Carter’s journey with UFO began in 1980 and went on until 1983. During this stint, he got the opportunity to perform alongside Ozzy’s legendary lineup, featuring the talented Randy Rhoads. Recounting his time with Randy, Carter said, “We chatted often. Randy was incredibly dedicated, often immersed in practice sessions. Every time I see a photo of him, I’m reminded of how young he looked. It was amazing just knowing him.”

To Carter, seeing vast audiences mesmerized by Ozzy’s charisma was an odd experience. He admitted, “I was never a fan of Ozzy’s vocals, but I respect the man. Watching him live with Tommy Aldridge, Rudy Sarzo, and Don [Airey] was a spectacle. However, I sometimes found myself puzzled, watching thousands rave over Ozzy’s performance.”

He added, “People adore him, but his success owes much to his collaborations. Having just Ozzy might not have been the same. He’s been backed by stellar songwriters, like Bob Daisley. The band, with Randy, Rudy, and Tommy, was pure magic. Randy’s performance always left me in awe.”

Tragically, Randy Rhoads met a premature end in a plane crash in 1982 during the “Diary of a Madman” tour. Reflecting on the incident, Carter expressed, “The latter part of that tour was heart-wrenching. It was tough watching them deal with such a loss, especially for Don who witnessed the tragedy. It’s events like these that reshape one’s perspective on life. My heart went out to them.”

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