Unheard 1966 Beatles Cassette Tapes Set For Auction

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Three cassette tapes with rare recordings of The Beatles from their 1966 tour are set to be auctioned. These tapes, reportedly recorded on Ringo Starr’s personal tape recorder, hold about 248 minutes of fascinating content. They will be featured in “The Beatles Collection” auction on March 26.

Revealing The Beatles’ Private Moments

According to, the tapes capture candid moments such as Ringo Starr discussing the band’s experiences in Germany and Japan during their 1966 tour. They also include conversations among the band members about their setlist for the Japan performances. Notably, the tapes feature electric performances at the Budokan venue in Tokyo and a conversation where John Lennon asks manager Brian Epstein for feedback on one of the concerts.

One standout moment is Starr’s solo piano performance of “Don’t Pass Me By,” the first song he wrote for The Beatles. The tapes also contain two other potentially unreleased songs. In another intriguing segment, Epstein advises the band on how to avoid taxes and import fees when leaving Japan.

It’s interesting to note that some audio appears to have been recorded after 1966. Omega Auctions mentions that the tapes include segments from The Beatles’ time in India, experimenting with traditional Indian instruments. This corresponds with their 1968 trip to Rishikesh to study Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Audio Clips and Auction Insights

For a preview of this remarkable collection, Omega Auctions has shared selected audio clips on their YouTube channel. These clips include Starr’s goodnight message during the Japan tour, McCartney discussing the short length of Beatles songs, and a snippet of Ringo playing “Don’t Pass Me By.”

The tapes are valued between £10,000 and £20,000 ($12,700 to $25,300). “The Beatles Collection” auction will also feature other notable items like a belt buckle once owned by John Lennon, autographed collectibles, rare vinyl records, and various photographs.

While fans anticipate the auction, Ringo Starr is making news with his All-Starr Band’s 2024 tour. The tour starts on May 22 at The Venetian theater in Las Vegas and ends on June 9 in Austin, Texas. The Las Vegas leg includes a special six-show residency. The band will also perform in California and Mexico City on June 5-6. Starr has announced additional shows planned for September and October.

From Auctions to Tours

Tickets for these highly anticipated shows are available through various outlets, including StubHub.

The rare recordings from The Beatles’ 1966 tour offer a unique glimpse into the band’s private moments. With personal insights, conversations, live performances, and unreleased material, these tapes are a treasure for fans and collectors. As the auction approaches, fans can enjoy a preview of the tapes on YouTube. Meanwhile, Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band is preparing for an exciting tour, keeping The Beatles’ legacy alive for audiences worldwide.


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