Watch Keith Richards Play A Vintage Synth

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Keith Richards, the legendary guitarist of the Rolling Stones, is a one-of-a-kind figure. His life off-stage is full of amazing adventures, and his guitar style, while not always perfect, is so unique and stylish that people often talk about him as one of the greatest guitarists ever.

In 1969, something interesting happened. Keith Richards, known for his guitar skills, decided to try playing an early synthesizer. This was unusual because the Rolling Stones were known for their bluesy rock sound, not electronic music.

At that time, synthesizers were becoming popular, thanks to musicians like Robert Moog and Wendy Carlos. The Moog synthesizer, introduced in 1964, was a game-changer in music, and by 1968, it was gaining popularity outside of experimental circles.

The Rolling Stones, always interested in new sounds, got their hands on a Moog synthesizer. This was a big deal because most bands at the time were not experimenting with electronic instruments like synthesizers.

There’s a rare video clip from 1969 showing Keith Richards playing around with the synthesizer. It’s fascinating because it shows the band’s curiosity and willingness to explore new musical territory.

Unfortunately, the Rolling Stones didn’t stick with the synthesizer for long. They eventually sold it to Christoph Franke of Tangerine Dream, a famous electronic music group. This marked a shift in their musical journey but also reflected the growing popularity of synthesizers in mainstream music.

So, while Keith Richards is best known for his guitar skills, his brief venture into synthesizers with the Rolling Stones adds an intriguing chapter to their musical history.

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