ZZ Top: Next album to feature songs recorded with late bassist Dusty Hill

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Billy Gibbons, the frontman of ZZ Top, recently shared details about the band’s next album, revealing that it will include songs featuring both the late Dusty Hill and his replacement, Elwood Francis, on bass.

The upcoming album, which follows their 2012 release “La Futura,” was already in progress when Hill tragically passed away in July 2021. In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Gibbons expressed optimism that the new record could be released this year, although his previous estimates had suggested a late 2021 or 2022 timeframe.

Gibbons shared, “Is business booming? Yes. Actually, we’re currently reviewing the tracks that we feel should be completed. Dusty appears on some of them, as does Elwood. What’s fascinating is that we have three or four tracks featuring both of them. They complement each other’s styles. The only distinction is that Dusty, who played with his fingers, had a slightly warmer sound.”

He also paid tribute to his late bandmate, describing him as a “great guy” and acknowledging the solid foundation Dusty provided for his guitar solos. Gibbons reminisced, “I never had to worry about anything else when I soloed because Dusty was always on the ball… Dusty used to say, ‘If I’m ever late on stage, give my instrument to Elwood.’ Elwood is a part of the family; he has been with us for three decades.”

Gibbons admitted that it was challenging to return to the stage shortly after Hill’s passing, with Elwood Francis, the band’s bass technician, stepping in alongside Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard. However, he expressed that everything is now going “wonderfully well.”

The upcoming album from ZZ Top promises a unique blend of contributions from both Dusty Hill and Elwood Francis, honoring the legacy of the late bassist while embracing the band’s continued musical journey. Fans can anticipate the release of this highly anticipated record, eagerly awaiting the distinct sounds and collaboration between these talented musicians.

ZZ Top – La Grange (Live From Gruene Hall) :

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