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In a recent conversation with Cassius Morris, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley shared his thoughts on his career’s longevity surpassing that of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and KISS itself. Frehley attributed his enduring success to overcoming addiction, stating, “Becoming sober was a key milestone for me, significantly improving my health compared to a decade or two ago. Despite Paul and Gene often tarnishing my reputation to justify Tommy Thayer’s role in the band, their criticisms don’t affect me as they once did.”

Ace, who is gearing up to launch his new solo project “10,000 Volts,” expressed confidence in the upcoming release, boldly claiming it would outshine anything his former bandmates could produce. “Before starting this album, I was confident it would put them to shame. I’m challenging them to match its quality,” he declared.

Reflecting on the early days of his solo career during a chat with ZackAttack from the classic rock station 93.5 FM MAX in Muncie, Indiana, Ace recounted the skepticism he faced. Despite accusations from Paul and Gene aiming to discredit him, Ace proved his resilience by releasing five albums and maintaining a steady touring schedule over the past decade. “Their attempts to label me as unreliable contradicted their own actions, especially with their recent comments about my potential involvement in their farewell tour, which they claimed would tarnish their performance,” he added.

The “10,000 Volts” album, produced by Ace and Steve Brown of TRIXTER, is set for release on February 23, 2024, under MNRK Music Group. The title track’s music video has already attracted significant attention, hinting at the album’s anticipated success.

This upcoming album marks Ace’s latest venture since “Spaceman” in 2018, followed by “Origins Vol. 2,” which featured covers of classic rock hits and contributions from notable artists, including a collaboration with Gene Simmons.

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