All The Songs Dedicated To Stevie Nicks

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Stevie Nicks is renowned for having a distinctive, ethereal demeanor that has mesmerized fans for years. She is frequently characterized as a liberated spirit with strong ties to the spiritual realm. Nicks is renowned for being fiercely independent and for having a solid sense of self, traits that have served her well throughout her work. She is reflective and introspective, frequently using her own life events to inspire her music.

Everyone adored Nicks for who she is and for her well-loved tunes, but in addition to that, she has been the subject of some of the best radio songs ever. The majority of the songs listed below were inspired by the musician’s connection with Nicks, while others were created out of friendship and her notoriety as an inspiring female musician in a male-dominated field.

Go Your Own Way – Rumours

We all recall how Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham fell out when they were accepted into Fleetwood Mac after meeting as high school sweethearts. The turbulent connection between Buckingham and his bandmate Stevie Nicks, with whom he had a romantic relationship, is the subject of the song. The song’s lyrics imply that Buckingham wanted Nicks to get back with him because he was hurt by her choice to break up with him and focus on her solo career. Additionally, the song conveys Buckingham’s anger at Nicks’ actions and his wish to move on and “go his own way.”

What Makes You Think You’re The One? – Tusk

Following their breakup, there were obvious tensions between Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, prompting the guitarist to write another tune. What Makes You Believe You’re the One? was written by Buckingham, who was still resentful and unable to move on.

Stop Dragging My Heart Around – Bella Donna

Nicks, a huge fan of the late Tom Petty, frequently enquired about having him pen a song for her debut album. Nicks originally declined Petty’s offer to listen to “Insider” by the Heartbreakers because she thought it wasn’t meant for her. The words for “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” were then started by Petty. It was initially intended for Tom Petty’s album “Hard Promises.” However, when Stevie Nicks heard the song, she asked Petty if she could record it with him as a duet.

Life In The Fast Lane – Hotel California

One of the Eagles’ most well-known songs, “Life in the Fast Lane,” is frequently associated with the fast-paced lifestyle of Los Angeles, where drugs and drinks are frequently used. What most people are unaware of is that Don Henley, who Nicks briefly dated, inspired a portion of the song for him as their relationship was about to conclude.

Sometimes It’s A Bitch – Timespace: The Best Of Stevie Nicks

It’s uncommon to find someone who would create a song about you while searching through all the youthful experiences you had, but Jon Bon Jovi did just that when he composed this song for Nicks. Although the female rockstar originally disliked the word “bitch” in the song’s title, she eventually came to appreciate the song and its message.

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