Ann Wilson Thinks Heart Is Not Done Yet, Hints At New Music Plans

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In a recent discussion with TribLive, Ann Wilson shared some exciting news for Heart fans about a potential new album:

“I think it’s likely. We’ve just started this tour, and the idea was to see how it feels and to get inspired for new songs. The guys from Tripsitter, who are part of our band now, are fantastic songwriters with great musical ideas. Nancy and I are always on the lookout for fresh inspiration, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before we start creating new material.”

Wilson is enthusiastic about working on fresh content.

Heart’s last album, ‘Beautiful Broken,’ was released in 2016. In a Billboard interview last month, Wilson reiterated her desire to craft new music:

“We’re really hoping to write more together. We don’t have concrete plans yet, and we’re not looking too far ahead. Right now, we’re focused on this tour and seeing where it leads us. If a song emerges from this experience, it will be genuine and heartfelt. It’s all about Nancy and me finding the right moment to dive into songwriting.”

In the same Billboard interview, Wilson revealed that Heart has been working on a new song called ‘Roll the Dice,’ co-written with her long-time collaborator Sue Ennis. They’ve even performed it during some shows on their ongoing Royal Flush Tour. Nancy Wilson and Ennis have been exchanging ideas via text and meeting to record demos as part of their songwriting process.

Heart’s tour is currently in the United States and will move to Europe in June. After the European dates, they’ll return to the States at the end of July, with the Royal Flush Tour running until mid-December.

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