Brian Johnson Confirms AC/DC Are Ready Tour Again: “The Juices Are Running Again”

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Brian Johnson, the iconic frontman of AC/DC, recently shared his excitement about the prospect of hitting the road once again to support their latest album, Power Up, which was released in 2020. The band’s upcoming appearance at the Power Trip festival in California, scheduled for October of this year, has sparked hope among fans for more shows to follow. Johnson opened up about the challenges AC/DC had to overcome in regrouping after the onset of the pandemic in early 2020.

After a hiatus of over seven years from live performances, AC/DC is now ready to grace the stage as the headliners of the Power Trip festival in California this October. Johnson subtly hinted that this particular show could pave the way for further electrifying AC/DC performances. Before the pandemic, the band had been gearing up to promote their latest album, Power Up, which was released in 2020.

During an interview on the Fuelling Around podcast, Johnson expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m incredibly excited because three years ago, just before Power Up was released, we got together. We started rehearsing in Amsterdam. Phil Rudd was back on drums, and I had this amazing new earpiece we had invented. The sound was fantastic, and honestly, I’ve never heard the band so tight. For three weeks, we barely took a day off because we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.”

“Then, our tour manager approached us and said, ‘Hey guys, there’s this thing called the Chinese Flu or something, and we need to go home for six weeks, and we’ll regroup in London.’ You know what happened next. Angus and Phil, who were in New Zealand and Australia, were stuck there for months and months,” he added.

Johnson acknowledged the challenges of bringing AC/DC back together, saying, “It takes a lot of effort and time to reunite a band like AC/DC. Most of the crew members were working with other artists, so getting everyone back on board was tough. But I’m optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed. The most important thing is that we all share the same eagerness and passion. The creative energy is flowing again.”

Regarding the upcoming Power Trip festival performance, Johnson enthusiastically shared, “We’ve decided to participate in this fantastic show they’ve put together in the desert near Palm Springs, close to Coachella. It’s an all-rock-and-roll extravaganza, a powerful statement about the legitimacy of rock music. It has made a significant impact. I’ll get to see my old pals again, as Ozzy Osbourne is coming out of retirement. And with GUNS N’ ROSES, METALLICA, and IRON MAIDEN all in one place, it’s going to be one hell of a party!”

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